801 S Carrollton Ave New Orleans, LA 70118
The Retreat Salon and Spa, despite reports of its closure, has etched a memorable mark in the hearts of its loyal clientele. They fondly recall Friday afternoons spent in the company of the dedicated Cindy, enjoying exquisite mani-pedis in a humble yet comforting setting. The Retreat wasn’t just another salon – it was a place where quality overshadowed opulence. For over a decade, The Retreat has been a cherished haven for many. Amid speculations of underhand competition and negative reviews, its loyal patrons remain steadfast. They admire the salon for its specialty in hand-filed acrylic manicures and the overall friendly atmosphere that consistently accompanies its top-notch services. Despite its reputation for high-quality services, The Retreat remains an affordable option for clients on a budget. New clients are often pleasantly surprised by the salon's entertaining atmosphere and gentle, meticulous approach to nail care. The Retreat's commitment to providing a comfortable experience extends to their waxing services, ensuring clients leave happy and eager to return.